Monday, February 16, 2009

Training: Day 64

I just ran 40 minutes. It was supposed to be a 25 minute run today, but because I missed the 40 minutes on Saturday, I decided to go 40. I was avoiding it and trying to make excuses so I could run for a shorter amount of time. But when I got out and started, I decided to just go for it. Of course, on the way out for the first 20, I was thinking that I should just quit now because I'll never be able to run 5 miles at the end of next week, let alone 13.1 in 10 weeks. I was feeling pretty down. But on the way back for the last 20, I was feeling better. Slower, maybe. But definitely more optimistic. Jeff thought I was just going for the 25, so I surprised him when I was gone for longer. I'm gonna keep trying, I guess. No, not guess. I know. And not try. I'm gonna. I'm going to do this. And then I will be happy and healthier. And I'll keep running.

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