Thursday, January 29, 2009

Training: Day 46

I went out on my 20 minute run tonight. I was pretty sore from running yesterday and wasn't sure I'd be able to run the whole time. I ran halfway, and then my calves were so tight I couldn't run anymore. So I walked one street over to my friend's house and picked up the scarf I left. Then I walked back to where I stopped running and ran back home. So I got 20 minutes of running, I just had to take a few minutes in the middle to rest my calves. I am sore. Gonna go sit in the hot tub now. Gotta go!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Training: Day 45

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....
I ran for 20 minutes tonight! Okay, more like the slowest jog ever for 20 minutes, but it's a start! I can't believe I did it! I was really feeling like I couldn't do it. I could only manage 5 minutes at a time last week. I think the key was slowing down. I paced myself with music on the iPod.
I started out thinking I would just try to run for the first 10 minutes. Then, when I had run for just over 9 minutes I turned around. I knew I would be slower coming back. I told myself I would just keep going as long as I could and walk the rest of the way home. I made it all the way back.
This is making me feel like I actually can do this. I think that was part of what kept me from going out on Monday. I felt like I couldn't do it, so the cold weather just gave me an excuse. That is why I am wanting a treadmill. Then I won't have any weather excuses. It would just be for part of the time. Outdoor training is probably the best. I am going to look at a used one tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Training: Day 44

I was going to make up for Monday by running today. It was actually colder today with hail/snow/rain mixed all together. I looked on craigslist for treadmills and will be going to the store later this evening. I need to run. This week was supposed to be 20 minutes running. I don't know if I can do that yet. I'm pretty out of shape and haven't run for more than a minute in about 20 years. I'm only 32. What does that say? I will let you know what happens with the treadmill.

Training: Day 40, 41, 42, 43

Friday was a rest day.
Saturday I was supposed to get out there for my last walk/run. It never happened. It was quite a busy weekend with 2 birthday parties. And I was being lazy.
Sunday was another rest day.
Monday... Well, Monday was stinkin' cold. I had to give a friend a ride so she could get her car fixed and by the time we were back, it was after 7pm. It was already below freezing outside. I really don't like running outside when it is that cold. It burns my throat and hurts my pinky- which has fibrous growths in the joint and the pain gets worse in the cold. I am looking for a good but inexpensive treadmill for really cold and really rainy days when I just can't bring myself to get outside.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New shoes

Jeff and I bought new shoes tonight. We went to the Eugene Running Company to get them. They do a gait analysis to help you choose the right shoes. I guess I have a bit of pronation? They recommended a couple of shoes and I ended up getting the Brooks Ariel. They have quite the arch support. It did affect the inside of my lower legs in my run/walk tonight. Hopefully I will get used to that quickly.

Training: Day 38, 39

Wednesday I was recovering from my travels and did not get out. Bad me.
Thursday I ran/walked for 35 minutes. I tried to do more running all at once. I got about 4 minutes in at the beginning. Then walked for a bit and ran about another 4 minutes. I was dieing. I don't know if I spelled that right. It looks kinda funny. Anyway, I had total pain on the inside of my lower legs. Especially on my left leg. Must be the new shoes. I will get to that in my next post.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Training: Day 35, 36, and 37

Sunday was a rest day. I didn't do a Healthy Eating Goal this week. Being out of town, it just didn't happen.
Monday I walked/ran on the treadmill again. I went 2.4 miles this time. As I was running, I really started feeling like I wasn't ever going to be able to run for 20 minutes consecutively. I could only run for 5 minutes. Then I walked 2, ran 2 and couple rounds and then walked for awhile. I ran the last 1 1/2 minutes. I was really discouraged. But I have thought a lot about it and decided I am just going to keep trying until I get there.
Tuesday was a rest day. I went to the beach in Pensacola in the morning. Then we went to the mall and then the airport at 2 pm. I was traveling home until just after midnight. I am home now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Training: Day 31, 32, 33 and 34

I am in sunny Florida! Wednesday I was preparing to leave and did not get out. Thursday was a travel day (6:30 am - 8:30 pm). It was a long day. Friday I went to the clubhouse at my friend's apartment complex. I used the treadmill. It was nice to see that I went 2.2 miles in the 35 minute walk/run. Saturday I used the treadmill again. I think that was the first time I have done it two days in a row. It was harder the second day. Anyway, I will be here till Tuesday, so I plan to use the treadmill again on Monday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Training: Day 30

Tuesday was a rest day! Yay! I actually was not sore. Kinda strange because I was plenty sore right after my run/walk on Monday. Just to let you know, I am going to Florida Thursday and won't be back till really late Tuesday. I might not be able to post a lot while out of town. I do, however, intend to train while there. The days might be a little off because I will be traveling all day Thursday and might not be able to get my run/walk in until Friday. Woohoo Florida! Here I come!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Training: Day 29

I went out for 35 minutes of walking and running this evening. It had been a week since I last got out. I have to say that the sore muscles are spreading. It seems like each week I hurt in new places! Will it ever end? Maybe if I don't take a week off!

Week 5: Healthy Eating Goal

This week's healthy eating goal is going to be to refrain from eating after 8 pm. This is a tough one for me as I like to eat something at night when we watch TV. But it is something that I definitely need to do.

Training: Day 28

I am going to try running tomorrow. My cold is still here, but I think I will never get back out there if I don't just go for it.
This week training will be a 35 minute walk/run. Next week will be the same as well. Then we switch it up to a 20 minute full run. Yay! Not sure I am ready yet. We will see....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Training: Day 27

Today is the worst day so for with this cold. I am getting really annoyed. I am hoping it gets better soon so I can get out there again.

Training: Day 26

My cold is getting worse. It is making it too difficult for me to get out there.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Training: Day 25

This cold is really killing me here. The rain is supposed to be gone for awhile starting tomorrow, though. I didn't get my run in again, but am thinking of making up for it with a run on Friday.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Training: Day 24

I woke up this morning with really bad congestion. It was raining tonight when I would go running, and I am not sure it is a good idea to run in the cold rain with a cold starting. I really need a back-up plan for these kind of days. Like a treadmill or indoor track. Oh how I wish I had a treadmill today. That would be a lifesaver on a rainy day while sick! I don't know that tomorrow will be much better. I really need to keep up the running or I will never work through these shin splints!

Training: Day 23

Tuesdays are rest days. I definitely needed it today. My legs were hurting very badly. But not from training. Sometimes I just get pain in my legs. I don't really know how to explain it. It is like it is radiating out of my bones. Nothing makes it go away except sleeping. It was pretty awful.
I didn't eat breakfast or lunch. I only ate dinner at 11:30 pm. Not very good. I pretty much blew every single one of my healthy eating goals today!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Training: Day 22

Today marked the first day of our 30 minute run/walk week. Wow! My shins were on fire when I got home. Jeff and I soaked in the hot tub that was only 100F, not so hot. More like warm. But it was nice. I am imagining that we will be needing it more tomorrow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Week 4: Healthy Eating Goal

This week I am going to refocus on my previous goals as well as setting a new one.
Just to review they are:
1- Eat both breakfast and lunch every day.
2- Leave a little food on my plate.
3- Make my own bread.

I seem to be slacking on some of these. I will try to get back on track this week.

Now for this weeks Healthy Eating Goal:
Eat at least 3 servings of fruits and/or vegetables daily.

I had broccoli, kale, and an orange with my dinner. And the real kicker, the veggies were steamed. That's the only way to do them, if not eating them raw. I'd say I got that one in the bag today. Let's see how I do tomorrow.

Training: Day 21

Sundays are rest days for me, so nothing much going on today. I definitely got in some rest! 2 naps. Although, I am not sure if 10 minutes each time really counts. Hmmm. I don't think it does. Oh well!

Training: Day 20

Today was supposed to be my last day of a 25 run/walk. The day was filled with sleeping in, making a birthday present, attending a Tupperware party, attending a birthday party, picking up a babysitter, and having a Rock Band get-together with friends. Had I not slept in, I could've found time to get out there for my run. Nope. I had to go and be lazy. What's with me? I am so not perfect and disciplined. I wish I was. I am still working on it. Bare with me, please. I am a work in progress. This blog is tracking my ups and downs on the journey. I will continue training, even when failing for the day. One day shouldn't effect the outcome of the journey- it just might mean I have to work harder to get back on track. As I've said before, I will do this. I can do this. I can make my life healthier, happier. And finishing this half marathon will give me a great sense of accomplishment.

Training: Day 19

Fridays are rest days, so I didn't run. I did, however, make spelt bread. I usually go for half whole and half white spelt flour, but this time I did 3/4 whole flour. It really made it dense. It is still good. Especially toasted with butter and honey. Yumm! What isn't good with butter and honey?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Training: Day 18

I went running! It was 50 degrees when I left, so I didn't have to wear a jacket. That is nice, not running in the freezing cold! I am actually finding myself looking forward to running most days now. I was really hoping to get out yesterday, but it was a busy day- first taking the girls for haircuts, then babysitting for a friend, then having a playdate for the kids at my house, then dinner, then cleaning for the Rock Band Marathon, then the party starting. It was pretty much non-stop. I am not good at getting up early in the morning by myself to exercise. If I have someone to go with I will do it. But on my own, not so much. So it is usually middle of the day or evening runs for me.