Sunday, February 15, 2009

Training: Day 60, 61, 62, 63

Don't know what happened to Thursday.
Friday was a rest day. I was feeling it from the runs the two previous day. I am quite proud of myself for running 30 minutes. I didn't think I could do it. And I couldn't a few weeks ago.
Saturday was supposed to be a 40 minute run. We were actually busy all day and then went on a date for Valentine's Day. So we never went running. I think I will run 40 minutes on Monday to make up for it.
Sunday is a rest day again. We did go on a walk. It is a gorgeous day- the sun is shining and it was 53 degrees when went out. Ashley and Alona rode their bikes (which are way too small for them now) and Natalie walked/rode in the stroller/was carried by her daddy. As the girls were on bikes, we had to walk at a good pace to keep up with them. I am thinking of starting a tradition of outdoor activities that will keep us active on Saturdays. I would really like to teach my kids to stay active and healthy, rather than have them struggle to stay fit when they are adults. If I start them on the right path now, maybe it will stick and they won't have the struggles that I have. Not that I am too worried. Ashley is in ballet twice a week and Alona is in Intro to Jazz/Hip Hop, so they do have some activities that are exercise.

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