Monday, February 9, 2009

Training: Day 54, 55, 56

Well this weekend was just crazy. We had family in town and I was still sick. This cold was pretty bad. I had a fever for a few days. I think Friday it was slightly better. Friday was a rest day anyway, but I was hoping to make up for missing Thursdays run. It didn't happen.
Saturday I was supposed to run. I planned to run with my brother, Charles. Ashley had her baptism and then we came home and had dinner. Then we played Rock Band. Then we talked. We had to. With 2 sisters in town, how can you not? Aurelia was getting really sick and had a fever (same thing as me, but she brought it with her), so we all went out to soak in the hot tub. I still wanted to go running, but we never got to it. My throat was pretty bad, and I was coughing a lot.
Sunday was a rest day. We went to the coast. I will be posting pictures of that on my other blog. My cold seemed to be getting better, but still a lot of coughing.
Hopefully Monday will start a new and better week.

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