Saturday, December 27, 2008

Training: Days 12& 13

Yesterday it just never happened. I know, I am not very good at this. It is quite a stretch for me to be doing this, but I will do it. I can do this.
Today I made it out! I walk/run on the EWEB bike path that is behind my house. There are electrical lines along it. I alternated running and walking between sets of poles. It worked out well. I ran almost half of the time. That is much better than I did the last time.
The only problem I have with running is that I get shin splints. The kind that is just caused by the muscles. I think that I can eventually work through it. I think it is just because the muscles are being used and stretched in ways they haven't in sooooo long. Any tips?

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  1. Be careful! Be sure to wear VERY good shoes with arch support. Don't injure your feet. If your shoes are worn, throw them out. Take it from me, I have heel spurs and have to wear orthodics in my shoes.