Sunday, April 18, 2010

Been awhile...

I know it has been awhile. We are getting settled in our new home. Today, we finally got the treadmill in the house! I am excited to get back to running. I think I might be switching to the Run to Stay Warm half marathon in November now. I think more people will be in town that weekend than the weekend of the Women's Half Marathon. Not to mention it is on a Saturday instead of a Sunday, which is a huge bonus. It is still up in the air, though. For now, I will start over on my 10 week training building up to running for half an hour. Then I will start on my 10 week Half Marathon training. That should put me on schedule for the Women's Half, but still give me the option of switching to the November half. I can decide at some point this summer which one I will run. The important thing is that I start my running again. So tomorrow, I will start up my training! Yay!!!! Exercise makes me feel so good. :)

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