Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Starting Over

Bet you thought I'd quit! If so, you were mistaken. I was pretty down for a bit and thought "why bother?" But now I am over that. It is time to start over. So Monday I walked for 20 minutes.
I am in the middle of packing for the big move this weekend, so it is a bit crazy. I may not post regularly for a few weeks till we are all settled.

Here is the new plan:
There is a new Women's Half Marathon here in September. So several friends wanted to do and suggested I do it too. So I am scrapping the half in May since I would only be able to run not even a quarter of it. September is a doable goal. I can totally be ready for that one. And it is right around my birthday so we can have a big ole party when I'm here!
Ah! A fresh start!


  1. Can I join you guys for the half in September? That would be super fun. Glad that you haven't given up.

  2. Of course! I guess it is limited to 2500 participants, so we need to register before it's too late!

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