Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Training: Day 94

We went running tonight. Thankfully, Kristi is watching our girls while we run! It is so great of her to do that for us!
We ran for a mile and a quarter and then I couldn't take the pain in my lungs anymore. It was awful! I think it might be because of my allergies. Tree pollen is pretty high right now and the claritin I am taking doesn't seem to cut it. So we walked. We walked for a mile and a half. My shins were killing. I don't even know where that came from! My shins never hurt this badly before. I ran the last quarter mile. It is great that the path we run is marked every quarter mile. I am disappointed at all the pain that makes it so hard to run. I thought because the last two runs were good, this one would be as well! I guess I was wrong. I have had so many setbacks. I am going to do this half marathon. Even if I have to run till I can't anymore and stumble the rest of the way!

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