Sunday, May 3, 2009

Marathon Day

Today is a sad day for me. It was the half marathon/marathon today. I didn't even get to walk the half marathon. One of my BFs walked it. Someone else I know ran it. And here I am at home, not feeling well, lucky to stand for 30 minutes! Well, three weeks after I have this baby I will be starting training for next year's half marathon. I will do it. There will be no surprise pregnancies to hold me back! Yay! Not that I am not excited about this baby, it is just that it really threw off some plans that I had. When I am able to walk again, I will start tracking my progress with that. Hopefully that will be in June or July. It is pretty rough going right now and I am having trouble getting over this dehydration from the morning sickness (more like all day and night sickness)! Once I get it all under control, I am sure I will have the energy to walk again!

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